Monday, August 18, 2008

Weathering the Storm

I took my Sapphire machine in for repairs on Saturday, after having some minor problems with it for a while. I'm thinking that's a good thing with the approaching Hurricane. We have moved patio furniture, bikes, and other things that can be tossed around in the expected winds, and taken all the precautions. I will be unplugging the other machines tonight when the storms and lightening approach so I won't have to worry about the lightening taking them out. Even though they are plugged into surge protectors I worry about it. I love living in Florida - I really do, but I hate it when I can not get to my sewing machines because of the weather. I guess I will catch up on my needlepoint. :)

The first day of school is delayed and my DD's are torn between being let down and happy about one more day of summer vacation. Oldest daughter begins her first day as a high school senior and youngest as a high school freshman. What a year this will be.

Back after the storm.

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