Monday, January 17, 2011

Vogue 8138, Long Slinky Jacket

It was a beautiful day here in Southwest Florida! I have a gorgeous oak tree in my front yard.

This pattern is already out of print. I bought it when it first came out for $3.99. I cut the fabric before Christmas and made it just after the new year.

Fabric: Red slinky from Joann Fabrics from the clearance table. Paid $2 / yard. I think I bought 2 1/2 yards. Total cost of the Jacket: $9.99 if I never use the patter again

I made no alterations except to narrow the sleeves below the elbow. I have very skinny wrists. The fabric is heavy and stretchy, so the weight makes it longer than in the photo on the pattern envelope. There are no shoulder seams so I can not stabilize. This means the shoulders want to slide, and I feel like I constantly want to pull the jacket back on right. I pleated the CB neck so that it would lay nicely. There was a lot of fabric and it wanted to slide down the back and kind of look like a horizontal fold between my shoulder blades. I did a double fold hem all around the edges. It was just much easier to do that than using my coverstitch machine.

I like the jacket and got compliments on it the only time I have worn it. The only dislike is that I can not do all the different styles and looks because of the weight and thickness of the fabric. If I tied the knot in front, even just a fold over, I would have a big bulge right in front, and that is not a good thing.

Love, Love my booties! Scarves knitted by my very talented mother.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

McCall's 5248 PJ's, Baby Bedding, & Butterick 3846 for Little Girls

I have made 10 pairs of pajama pants since right before Christmas, 3 of them today, and the dancer (youngest daughter) made 3 pairs for herself. All but two are made with 100% cotton flannel from Joanns. Two are made of cotton quilting. I made three for the artist just before she left for Boston for New Years. These are super fast and super easy. We love them.

Below is the bedding I made for my nieces baby. It was finished in November. No patterns were used. I looked online for crib measurements, but the bumper was large and I had to redo. I also had to shorten the bed skirt. It was a fun project. I wanted to top stitch the quilt in orange, but restrained myself and stitched in blue.

Earlier in the summer I made Butterick 3846 for my nieces daughter. They were a little large, so hopefully she won't outgrow before summer 2011.