Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kwik Sew 3616

I thought this would be a great pattern. I love the style. Both views look nice, but I chose View A, and I really love the jersey knits that are available today. They make up well with a serger, and I can't tell you how much I love using my cover stitch machine for hems on knits. I did have to use my regular machine on this top in some areas. The neck and fronts have a facing that is interfaced to give it more stability. I really could not see any way to get around that. So I used three different machines to make this top. Wow!

I really like this top, but there are a few problems to address. First the size. According to the measurements on the pattern envelope, I cut a size Medium. Except that my bust measurement is 36" and the pattern is 37"-38.5", this should have been a pretty good fit. I thought with the Kimono sleeves, that the extra inch in the bust would not make that much difference. I was wrong. Maybe it was the fabric - Maybe it was the pattern. I'm not sure, but I had to take in a lot in the sides, a total of 4". I pinched up at least an inch in the shoulder seams and tapered to the suggested seam line at the sleeve hem. It is still too big.

Can you see a problem in this picture? It may be hard to see with the busy print, but I have never had a top where the shoulder seam creeped so far to the back - almost 2 inches back from where it should actually be. It almost looks as if there is a "set in" sleeve seam along the back of the sleeve, but that is the shoulder seam. If I cut the front shoulder down an inch and a half I'm not sure it would keep it from riding to the back. I think it would still ride back, making the front shorter than the back. Soooo, maybe it's the fabric, however, I had to work so much on the resizing that, maybe it's the pattern???? I'm not a real fan of making muslins of this type of pattern, and I don't have a lot of knits of this type in my stash that I would want to waste.

I'm not playing with this one anymore, but I think I will make the top again in a small. I think it is very flattering and I am loving the good quality jersey knits. This particular piece came from Fashionista Fabrics back in April when their jersey knits were on sale. I don't typically wear browns and off whites. I tend to wear a lot of blacks, reds, grays - you know. Especially with my hair. But I think this top is very flattering.

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