Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vogue 1197 Christmas top turned Valentine's Day


I cut this top out before Christmas, and it was another piece from the clearance table at Joann Fabrics. This stable knit has a bit of a corduroy look. It cost about $4 total.

I meant to make it to wear over the Christmas Holiday, but ran out of time. It made a nice Valentine's Day top.

I really like the sleeves, which I lengthened to my elbow. I started with a size 12 to a 14 at the hips. I also lengthened the top by a couple of inches.

When looking at the pattern envelope, it seems that the cowl collar should lay so that the folded edge meets the seam where the collar is attached to the top. It doesn't. The instructions have you interface the cowl, but I decided not to as my knit is stable enough without needing the extra body. I'm so glad I did not include the interfacing. The cowl lays just fine without it. I serged the entire top, and used my coverstitch machine for the hems. Looking at the pictures, I look like I have football player shoulders, but I really like how it makes me look so slim from the waist down.

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