Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Eve Masquerade Party

This was a joint effort. DS made his cape. I made his shirt. His sister designed and painted his mask.

First up the shirt. DS cut it out the night before New Years Eve and I spent most of the day making the shirt for a New Year's Eve Masquerate Party at our church.

He marked the placement of the eyelets on the front of the shirt for the closure, but decided he did not want the string, so we left the shirt to be worn open. I did no hand stitching when it came to the yoke. I rolled up the shirt between the yoke layers so I could stitch the yoke lining to the yoke, then pulled the shirt through. You can see in the picture how the shirt is stuffed into the yoke before stitching it together.

I used a polyester/cotton blend broadcloth I've had in my stash for over 20 years that came from my mother's fabric store, the pattern was $1 from Joanns, elastic for the sleeves was left over from a previous project, and thread. I estimate the cost of the shirt (not including my time) to be less than $2.
DS made the cape, which was really simple. The pattern consisted of a front and a back. He did not use the hood. Using a suede cloth that required no seam finishing or hem, he just stitched the side seams. I helped with the neck binding, and we made ties from the fabric. Pattern cost $1 and fabric cost about $15, all from Joanns.

I also made one for a friend of DS in Black Penne Velvet with a Blue Penne Velvet lining. I hope to have a picture on him soon. This one was made with the hood.

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