Saturday, January 1, 2011

McCall's 5248 PJ's, Baby Bedding, & Butterick 3846 for Little Girls

I have made 10 pairs of pajama pants since right before Christmas, 3 of them today, and the dancer (youngest daughter) made 3 pairs for herself. All but two are made with 100% cotton flannel from Joanns. Two are made of cotton quilting. I made three for the artist just before she left for Boston for New Years. These are super fast and super easy. We love them.

Below is the bedding I made for my nieces baby. It was finished in November. No patterns were used. I looked online for crib measurements, but the bumper was large and I had to redo. I also had to shorten the bed skirt. It was a fun project. I wanted to top stitch the quilt in orange, but restrained myself and stitched in blue.

Earlier in the summer I made Butterick 3846 for my nieces daughter. They were a little large, so hopefully she won't outgrow before summer 2011.

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Mary Jacqueline said...

She is wearing both this summer, and they fit PERFECTLY! We are getting lots of compliments at school! Thank you! :)